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Recipe of Rosolje - Beet and Herring Salad

Recipe of Rosolje - Beet and Herring Salad
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This is a traditional Estonian salad, served generally in days of party and holidays :-)
If made with salted herring, it is necessary to soak it in cold water overnight beforehand.
If cooked, marinated or smoked, this is not necessary.


- 500 g boiled beets
- 500 g boiled potatoes
- 4 pickled cucumbers, chopped
- 2 apples, chopped
- 2-4 boiled eggs, chopped
- 300 g chopped cooked sausage or fried meat, (optional)
- 1-2 chopped onions
- 150 g herring fillets, chopped

Salad Dressing
- 400 g sour cream (20% fat)
- 1 tsp mustard
- 1 Tbsp sugar
- 1/2 tsp ground black pepper
- 2 Tbsp vinegar


Mix together all ingredients.
Let cool before serving the salad.
If necessary, put additional flavorings.

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